Dan Beeston's Thing to do - Urgent

Meet Douglas Adams - done - 1995 Somerset College of Literature
See the heads of Easter Island
Watch BNL live - done - Canada Trip 2003
Publish a novel
Resuscitate someone
Build a Chair (that doesn't fall apart)
Meet Steve Notley (creator of Bob the Angry Flower) - done - Canada Trip 2003
Visit Perth - Done 2017 Fringe Festival
Possess a Monet
Become a qualified negotietor
Perform as a musician - Done
Sell an art work (not design)
Write for a Television sketch comedy show
Make someone cry in a good way. ­ done - Final Episode of Lilley Street
Visit an art gallery in each state of Australia - QLD, WA, VIC done so far
Thank Angie Hart - Done - Send a letter in 2003
Dance well in front of an audience
Write an article for a magazine or newspaper that is published.
Dig a really big hole - Done, I got my hands on a bobcat.
Contain a potentially dangerous fire - done - 1993 Art Camp (quick thinking saved the day)
Appear on the Radio - Done. I was interviewed as a web design guru on ABC fm
Patent an invention
Travel in a submarine
Fly an aircraft - Done
Kiss someone famous on the cheek
Plant a tree - Done
MC a public function - Done
Appear in a music video clip
Teach a child how to cook - done - 2003 My sister's Grade 1 class
Make a genuine attempt at creating a perpetual motion machine
Come first in a competition (by myself, not in a team)

Further proof that I have too much time on my hands

  BNL sing ABC - .mp3

A is for angry
You will B waiting
I can C you were right about this place
Lay D, You're an idiot. I'm not asking a lot of m E
F ry time, you're here, I forgot it.
And if the G nie was set free
We choose a foreigner to H
I love you, I guess that,..
J ne divided but I cant decide which side I'm on.
K tie
This time it was h L
I don't love Th M
N y other guy, would want to take it outside.
call it insane,. Oh O
I give me R E S P E C T
Maybe it would be Q l
Everybody just say R
t S ting 1, 2, 3
a g and T for me
When U dream
Stationed in the warm glow of the t V
That's the (double) with Tracy
brand new special eff X
really, why, really Y
I am Cra Z

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