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Brushing Off Invisible Spiders

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    3 days ago

    I feel very lucky to have fallen in love with such a clever person. It means that sometimes our lunchtime discussions involve "Here are our agreed steps on how to educate the country to provide a more effective democracy".

    Also sometimes we share birb memes.

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    1 week ago

    Today I learned that the word 'pied' means to have two colours. Like a pied butcherbird (black and white)

    The Pied Piper was pied because he wore two vivid colours.


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    1 week ago

    We received a letter with a foolscap page of handwriting promoting the Jehovah's Witness website. I assumed it must have been a photocopy but looking closely we could see where the pen had bled through the paper.

    Even if you'd memorised it this must have taken 15 minutes to wrote. Say one thing about the God-botherers. They are incredibly dedicated.

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    1 week ago

    Running my own business can be a lot of work and stress. I have the work of making websites as well as all the work of running the business plus it makes holidays a bit tricky. To, in some way reward myself, my wife and I have taken to a morning walk on Mondays.

    Monday morning, when everyone else is just getting to their desks and knuckling down, we are looking at the sea.

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    2 weeks ago

    Today I'm a bit obsessed with Web page drop-down menus and whether there's a perfect solution and do I need to support the 1.5% of people who aren't loading their Javascript?

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    2 weeks ago

    I've had a lot of moments where I've felt over-whelmed recently. A big work project plus various other chores. When I'm like this I get a sense of trying to keep everything in my head at the same time.

    Recently I've been making it a practice to keep lists and to concentrate on the thing that's in front of me. Everything else will be there when I need it. I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone rather than fretting over all the grindstones yet to... nose.

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    2 weeks ago

    As I come to the end of the Queen's Birthday long weekend I reflect that I feel properly relaxed and ready to return to work.

    I wonder if I spent three days on every weekend would I feel this each Monday afternoon or would my laziness grow like a turtle filling its tank.

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    2 weeks ago

    The message of Doctor Who when I was younger was "Men! You don't need to use violence to solve your problems. You can be calm and use your wits and confidence."

    What rankles me the most about Chibnell's most recent story-line is that it adds the caveat "...if you were born a girl".

    In a society where unpopular and impressionable men are getting more and more aggressive and entitled it just seems like such a loss.

    Whenever I think about it it makes me feel "punchy".

  • October

    • Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

      The Wombats
    • Enola Holmes

      Cute teen adventure that kept my interest.
    • Free to a Good Home

      Michael Hing & Ben Jenkins are doing great stuff ATM
    • Green Lantern

      This may be the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. It is... not great.
    • Hidden Folks

      It's monochrome 'Where's Wally' and it's so darn restful.
    • Hob

      In the style of the SNES Zelda game but really beautiful and clever. I am delighted.
    • Shadow Complex

      This Metroidvania makes you feel unstoppable. Replaying it felt great.
  • September

    • Baba is You

      This game hurts my brain. It feels a lot like coding.
    • Dark

      Creepy mystery. Okay so far.
    • Guaca Melee 2

      Great Metroidvania. Very pretty. So much cultural appropriation.
    • Raven On

      They're currently reviewing all the James Bond films.
    • Rule of Threes

      Deconstructing comedy podcast.
    • Schitt's Creek

      Dry humour.
    • Solid State - Jonathan Coulton

      Man I love 'Square Things'.
  • August

    • Factorio

      Version 1 came out and I fell back in.
    • Luigi's Mansion 2

      A bit repetitive but good old Nintendo puzzles.