Dan Beeston is

Brushing Off Invisible Spiders

Hi, I'm Dan.

I've been doing stuff on the web for a long long time. This is where it all ends up.

I was pretty excited about pixel art for a while. This includes some palette tools that you can try out for yourself.

I've also been practicing my digital art and playing with re-paletting old sierra games.

  • September

    • Dark

      Creepy mystery. Okay so far.
    • Guaca Melee 2

      Great Metroidvania. Very pretty. So much cultural appropriation.
    • Raven On

      They're currently reviewing all the James Bond films.
    • Rule of Threes

      Deconstructing comedy podcast.
    • Schitt's Creek

      Dry humour.
    • Solid State - Jonathan Coulton

      Man I love 'Square Things'.
  • August

    • Factorio

      Version 1 came out and I fell back in.