F#@$ You, My Darling!
created by Dan Beeston.
' Tyler and the Coxswain '
written by
:Monigue says: your friend you got my new hard drive from, he’s a bit of a comedian is he?
:Tyler says: wes? he has his moments i suppose. why do you ask?
:Monigue says: oh, i don’t know, perhaps it’s got something to do with the 40gb of hard core bestiality he pre-loaded onto the hard drive?!
,Tyler talk.,Monique talk.
:Monigue says: girl on horse, girl on dog, dog on horse, ferrets in cows, man on postbox... it is all disgusting and i am not amused!
:Tyler says: technically, i don’t think that last one counts. if you’d like, i could take it back and get you another, stain free, hard drive.
,Tyler slygrin.,Monique angry.
:Monigue says: sicko. you’d sprain both your wrists before you got through that lot.
:Tyler says: it’s an art form my dear. you just have to pace yourself.
:Monigue says: screw you very much for that mental image. i’m off to snort some napisan.
,Tyler talk.,Monique talk.
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