Ghost man

written by Dan
I’ve heard it said that ’Crossroads’ with Britney Spears is he most average film ever. To figure out if a film is good or bad, simply figure out whether it’s better than ’Crossroads’. I’m not so sure. I feel that the film has some truely amusing tragic moments, and quite frankly, Britney does dance around in her undies in the opening scene.

It does however bring to light a certain bigotry that upsets me. At the beginning of the film, she decides not to have sex with her boy friend. He’s presently as nerdy and gangly. He’s got pecs, he’s got a six pack, but he’s as pale as a ghost, and this is what apparently puts him on the list of nerdy unattractive body. I think it’s the guy who plays the ’Mac’ in those ’Mac vs PC’ ads.

The Mills and Boon monster she hooks up with by the end of the film differs only in his skin tone (and his ability to improvise the music to Britney’s songs). Well, I’ve got pale skin too, but I’ll have the last laugh. Enjoy your Skin Cancer Federline. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, Go and see ’Hot Fuzz’, It’s AWESOME!!!
posted at 5:52 am Sunday March 25 2007