Monsters and Turkeys

written by Dan
I went along to check out Monster House last week. It was a really well put together film. Not quite as tight as Pixar tends to be but really strong none-the-less. It’s exactly what you’d expect if the creator of ’Back to the Future’ got together with the creator of ’Jaws’ and did a kids film. Although, I wouldn’t take any kids younger than 9 to see it. It’s quite scary.

One oddity though. Because it was a kids film all the trailers were PG or G. This meant that we got to taste the current style of kids film out there. ’Flushed away’ (animated rats), ’Barnyard’ (animated cows), ’The Ant Bully’ (animated ants). All these fricking films had lavish amounts of belching and farting in the trailers. Given 60 million dollars, can’t these people try to put together a film that actually has a decent story rather than a string of fart jokes? Apparently not. Well, Monster House manages to do just that, so go see it.

Also, this Thursday, ’Boytown’ comes out. I’m eager to see if Mick Molloy can out do his own magic in ’CrackerJack’.

Yesterday I got to play a game called 99 nights on the Xbox 360. I’m a bit of a Nintendo fanboy. Not because I’m brainwashed but because I love their controller design. The SNES controller was always so much better to use than the Megadrive (genesis) one. The analogue stick on the N64 was wonderful (although it did degrade quite badly under stressful play) and the Gamecube controller was the height of engineering.

Alternately, the PS1 didn’t have analogue, the PS2 had somewhat lacklustre buttons (although it’s analogue sticks were superb) and the gigantic xbox controller ,... ick ick ick. It was like playing with knifes.

Using the xbox 360 controller I’ve got to take my hat off to the designers. That controller is really nice. Comfy, streamlined, and excellent feedback from the controls. I am suitably impressed. Of course, I shall be waiting until the Nintendo Wii comes out before making my decision.

On Friday I was low. It was that apathy that kills any ability to have to get started. I hate that so very much, because you’re bored, or you need to get something done but you simply can’t get the motivation. There was no reason for me to be depressed but I was anyway, and there was no problem that needed to be solved to cheer me up.

I figured that since there was no motivator for my low key attitude it must be a chemical factor. I don’t take ecstasy but I do know that it releases all you Seratonin at the same time making you feel great. Then three days later you feel like crap because you run out of Seratonin.

I figured that there was a good chance that this had happened to me and checked online for sources of Seratonin. I can’t stand taking drugs for this type of thing. I’d much rather find a dietary solution, and so I did. Apparently Turkey is full of the stuff, but it’ll only work if you have plenty of vitamin C and Niacin (B6) in your system.

Turns out I did have that so I knocked back a couple of turkey sandwiches and felt absolutely fucking excellent all weekend.

And now,..

God Attacks!!
posted at 2:11 am Tuesday October 17 2006