Too many links

written by Dan
I’ve got a huge list of links accumulating so we’ll start of with,..

Animator vs. Animation A great flash animation where the creation and the creator go to task.

Help Win the Bet Next cab off the rank. This site was thrown up by a guy trying to prove a point to his girlfriend. Help this guy out because if he can get 10 million hits his girlfriend has to agree to a threesome. (Also, I’m glad that people who search for ’hits his girlfriend’ will show up to this entry.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal One of the best comics on the intertron and the main inspiration for Irrelevations.

XKCD More webcomicy genius. This guy proves just how little great art skill means to a great entertainment experiance. Stick figures and the best Maths and Romance comic ever. I love a good Maths Adventure.

OKGO on Treadmills You’ve probably already had this pointed out to you but the band OKGo does a superb job of a dance routine using eight treadmills. Plus the song is seriously catchy.

Copy Hooray for Mike. My friend Mike and his cronies recently won first place in the Brisbane International Short film Competition with this wry and charming story. You must must must watch it.

The amazing screw-on head While I’m usually not a big fan of this animation style and silly irrelevant humour I find this walks a very sensible line within a very strage universe. Give it a try if you’ve got 20 minutes to kill giggling.

Japanese Tea Ad and this is just plain weird.
posted at 1:13 am Friday August 18 2006