The Convention

written by Dan
Once again it’s time for Supanova. I’ll be there in Artist’s Alley selling copies of the new Genesis 2 book. I’ve also got some t-shirts and copies of Hootie and some FYMD books left over which I hope to flog off.

You’ll have to come downstairs to find us. We’ve been hidden away in the basement with the DVD sales. (suck!) Be aware that the prices have changed too. $20 entry instead of $15. Plus if you want a weekend pass ($30) you need to book at Tickertek. There’s no weekend passes on the door.

In other news, check out what my new game is going to look like.
A puppet in a Kitchen

I’ve still got a lot of work to do on it and no time in which to do it but I’m pleased with the way it’s working out.

If you are like me and loved Star Control 2 then get your ass over to the Star Control 2 Petition. The creators of the original 2 games (and not the third) want to convince Activision to make a new adventure. If this happened I’d just have to sing out loud.

I know what a melody is, and I know what a harmony is, but I’d never really stopped to consider what a rhapsody was. I looked it up and it’s a piece of music that reflects a multi-faceted story with changes in tempo and intent.

Cool huh?

And lastly a fun story about a guy who figured out a way to return his video game to Target

See you on the weekend at Supanova, or next update.
posted at 1:14 am Friday April 21 2006