written by Dan
I feel like a kid again. I remember waiting with baited breath for new games to appear and new consoles. Now I’m all excited again. Not that I’ve ever not been excited. I was lining up on the opening night for a gamecube just like the Nintendaholic that I am. (Boy did it smell bad. Eighty over-excited nerds who hadn’t bathed in a while. Ew!) I’ve got Four different versions of the Gameboy. I’m just a bit too mad keen.

But when I see the new controller for the upcoming Nintendo console I can barely contain myself. If you haven’t seen it yet, It looks like a remote control but the console can tell what position you hold it. Imagine a flight sim game where you hold a wireless controller up in the air like a paper plane and you’ll know where I’m coming from.

But you know the thing I’m most excited about?

Well, When I was young, I love Arkenoid. That pong game where you bounce a ball up and knock out blocks. Well this controller is going to revolutionize pong. And I for one can’t wait.
posted at 1:44 am Tuesday April 11 2006