written by Dan
To start off,.. Just a quick shout out to Alien loves Predator where the strip had me gut laughing due to a very subtle joke in the wings.

Now, My official reaction to the Mohammad cartoon fiasco.

Point 1.
I don’t like anyone. Human beings are foolish and painful and if I could hit a button to wipe every single one of them out equally I wouldn’t hesitate.

Point 2.
Settings things on fire and hurting people seems like an extreme reaction to some cartoons, but religious beliefs are very strong and make people do worse things than this.

Point 3.
I hate organised religion. I hate Muslimism, Christianism, Judism, Raelienism, Buddism, Heaven’s Gatism, Haitian Voo-doo, Gaia-symphony-ism, and all that other crap. It’s a throw-back to mysticism and barking at the frigging moon and I hate the fact that people dedicate their lives to enforcing what, from my point of view, is fairy stories from the bottom of the garden.

Point 4.
See point 1.

Now, my friends have their own failings. (Poor taste in friends for one thing) and my sister and I came up with a clever system of stopping each other from making bad decisions. You always see your own failings in others so if she was to waste some money gambling I could say "Hey! Don’t be Kevin" (where Kevin is a hypothetical friend who gambles a lot and everyone judges him for it)

Or say, I’m about to unleash a laserbeam that carves my name into the moon, she might say "Dan! Don’t be Alex". (again, purely hypothetical)

Now, whenever some Christians get all angry and start thinking about shooting abortionists or setting fire to stem cell laboritories we can turn to them and say "Hey! Don’t be Muslim"
posted at 2:08 am Wednesday February 22 2006