written by Dan
Goat Monster Image
I’ve been doing a little illustration and I came up with this little guy. I had some inspiration from the Creatures in my Head website.

What other web stuff is going on you ask? Well Case Yorke is doing five episodes of Gluemeat a week for the Xmas period. Hmm, and Brian Carroll looks like he’s biting off more than he can chew again when he starts up his pirates story before he finishes Genrevous point. That poor guy has, what I call, the genius’ curse.

They say that genius is a double edged sword and most people with a big IQ can’t seem to dedicate themselves to something. They keep getting distracted with new ideas. I sometimes wish that there were about six of me all doing different things just so I could keep up with the ideas in my head.

Although that would mean six times the ideas.

I guess I’m coming across a little arrogant, ie: the assumption that I’m a genius. Well, I did a Mensa test once and the psycologist said that I was in the top 2% of the population. What does that mean? Well A) It means I’m really good at IQ tests and B) It means I’m allowed to call myself a genius and not appear too arrogant but unfortunately C) Whenever I do something dumb the people around me can turn and, with a very patronising voice say,..

"And you’re a Genius?"


I got an e-mail today from my step mother which read:
’psycologist?’ That would be ’psychologist’ genius.

You see the type of thing I have to put up with!
posted at 9:13 am Saturday December 18 2004