written by Dan
I notice that the new Mission Impossible film is coming out soon. After the travesty that was Mission Impossible 2 there’s only one rational explaination of how this third film was green lit.

The producer walks into the office of the money men, all waiting for the next big idea,.. the room is hushed,.. then it starts,..

Buuhm baaah buhm-buhm buuhm baaah buhm-buhm buhhm baaah buhm-buhm buhhm baaah buhm-buhm nah nah nah,.... nah nah nah,... nah nah nah,... nah na buhhm baaah buhm-buhm!

"Sold! Here have 120 million dollars."

No one can stand up to that.

Although following that logic through, it makes it surprising there’s never been an A-team film. Oh well, after dukes of hazard, It shouldn’t be long.
posted at 12:57 am Friday December 16 2005