The Surgeon Generally Eats Beef

written by Goatlord
Apparently new articles will not wait 90 minutes whilst you watch The Surgeon and 30 Days, how inconsiderate. Perhaps we should all boycott Firefox and eat chilled monkey brains instead ... or perhaps train our (read: my) thoughts to be coherent and/or interesting enough to ourselves to not time out or be worthy enough to be expressed in italics. Did you like that? I liked that.

There is a good (although probably bad) chance that what I had in mind for this news article was topical, yea even, interesting. I vaguely remember an odd reference to ’Alcoholics Anonymous’ (shackles be broken!) and ... there was probably something else ... mostly. Ah yes, it was titled "Baldric has a Cunning Plan", pithy. Praise be to Tony Robinson and his Fact or Fiction, it is possible I invoked the true heir of the British throne, you never know, just ask Dan. And he wants to hand over control of the ’writing’ ... mortal of foolishness.

Regardless, Justine Clarke first piqued my interest as ’Roo’ on "Home and Away", way back in 1988 when she played the pregnant teen, as you do. Since then I have marveled at her portrayal of the pregnant Playschool presenter, ’Justine’ on "Playschool" and am salivating to view her performance in Look Both Ways. Speaking of which, William McInnes, was pimping his book at my local pub the other week. Despite my debilitaing over-awe-edness of his work, I chose sleep, after a particularly nasty night-shift, over listening to his glorious words of pimpedness of his literary masterpiece (allegedly). Seriously, it would have been nice. I have sat (as opposed to NavSat) at same pub, devouring jugs of their semi-famous ale after (although wishing it was during) a harrowing day-shift at my then place of work ... moo.

The Surgeon, top shit. I look forward to many more episodes. I also look forward to many more paychecks with which I am able to purchase ’fun size’ bottles of flavoured schnapps :)

Did I just see an ad for a TV series entitled, Star Trek: Nemesis?
posted at 2:25 pm Friday October 14 2005