written by Goatlord
My brain has just been fonged, in a shiny way.

That cool bit at the start ... and the middle, oh, and the end ... wow! The time when ... and when he said the thing then he ... FONG!

I don’t usually go to the cinema, all the people don’cha know. Just as a side note, I once heard someone refer to people as "meat sacks." I laughed and laughed before realising that the guy was serious. I glassed him then went on my merry way, as you do. There was a point to this, a shiny point, tipped with knowledge and fun space monkey type things ... but it eludes me. Happens all the time.

I wrote yesterday’s comic after having a similar conversation with myself. It seemed worthy of a comic so I told myself. Fortuitously, I reasoned that there would likely be a screening I might attend before the designated start time of the shift I had so magnanimously agreed to fill. I did this, for the lady, whose shift I had agreed to take on though it were my own, seemed so genuine in her belief that something awful would befall her if she did not see a certain movie that was to be released today. Funny eh?

Well, I’m off to conduct an experiment with a teaspoon and some optic nerves, after which I shall head off to work, portable DVD player in tow, to watch ’Gleaming the Cube,’ which I just picked up for $4.99. Toodles.
posted at 5:08 am Friday September 30 2005