Game Ratings

written by Dan
So the American Government has tried to ban video games. It’s causing a fracas, because now Game associations are sueing, etc, etc, etc, as is ’The American Way’?. But there is one game I know of that’s created quite a bit of pain.

No, I’m not talking about the infamous ’Hot Coffee’ mod that allows you to play sex games in the the Grand Theft Auto series. I have no problem with the sex components of that game. It’s helping people get their rythym and that’s a good thing. Sure I may have my doubts about the ’killing innocent pedestrians’ element of it.

You know what, They’re not doubts at all. WTF!!!?? Why does our escapism now involve playing a homocidal maniac? In my day we played the hero. That was our fantasy. If it wasn’t saving the princess, it was saving our girlfriend or simply eating so many power pellets that you could eat no more.

If your fantasy is to hot-wire a chevy and then run down an old lady you are sick in the damn head, and maybe you shouldn’t have been exposed to graphic movies before you were eighteen.

Okay,.. so I’ve gotten off-track. The main point of this is to make mention of a game called ’The Sims’. This is a virtual human game where if you install special clothing options you end up with a nude sim (instead of a pixelated censored one when showering). Not a problem. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve no adverse feelings towards nudity,..

But the game can be played by children. And an eight year old girl I know played it quite voraciously and totally bonded with her human. All very sweet. Sadly there was a faulty oven in the house that had had to be extinuished on numerous occasions. The girl’s mother heard her daughter cry out and ran to her aid to find her screaming at the computer monitor as her little avatar she’d so carefully cared for rolled around in flames on the kitchen floor until finally expiring.

The young girl in question CRIED FOR A WEEK!!

Okay, so I’m not so much upset as amused,... but that’s only because I’m a sick degenerate and I’d like to think that you’re a better person than I.
posted at 12:56 am Friday September 16 2005