written by Dan
I believe that the word ’Castrate’ should be replaced with the phrase ’depenistrate’. Don’t ask me how I came to this conclusion.

The database on my site was down for a little while. It should be okay now, especially since you’re reading this news article out of it. Unless you’re reading it in the future from a cache at a coincidental time that it fails again.

I was quite a big fan of Movie Punks when it was running and when I had the opportunity to meet (re: stalk) the author, Carrinton, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. We got along great I’ve been keeping up to date on his blog since. Carrington actually writes interesting content in his blog, and he’s never used the word ’R0xx0r’. You have to respect him for that.

Christmas is almost upon us. My favorite time of year. The tree is up, the angel is perched on top. Okay, so she’s naked and skankey but isn’t Christmas the time for tolerance?
posted at 8:39 am Saturday December 11 2004