written by Dan
Hi there beloved readers, who I almost never hit up for favours. My wedding day is rapidly approaching and I’m interested in having a very small ceremony on a boat. Being that I’m not swimming in cash at the moment, I was wondering whether any of my readers might be able to give me a hand.

Does anyone have a rich uncle with a yacht? or maybe you know of a nice boat with good rates in the Brisbane area.

Please e-mail me. Do it now before you forget.

Now, other stuff.

OH, MY GOD!! SCIENTISTS HAVE DISCOVERED A NEW PLANET. Okay, So it’s probably not a proper planet. The only reason it would be considered a new planet is because it’s substantially bigger than Pluto. And the only reason that Pluto is considered a planet is because it’s the only planet ever found by an American. It’s too small for a plant and it’s orbit is ridiculous. It’s quite obviously a big chunk of space debris that got caught in the sun’s gravitational pull.

Probably old news to most web-savvy readers but I found a nice little web comic called VG Cats. I haven’t enjoyed gamer humour this much since Greg Dean was making jokes about Zork.

Jeremy pointed out to me a couple of fun links. The first one is a wonderful Physics Assignment that made me snort milk out my nose. The next was a page full of
Plushie Germs and Viruses that make the plague and HIV seem appealing.
posted at 1:54 am Tuesday August 02 2005