Web Comic Awards

written by Dan
Call me petty, call me small minded, but I’m not a fan of the Web Comic Awards (or the Webbies) at all. Web Cartoonists vote on their favorite strips and every year you get the same old tired mass rubbish. You know what? I don’t think we should be commending people for being the ’most appealing’ comic. Surely we should be pushing this medium as far as it will go. But NOOOO we keep handing out awards to fucking gamer humour strips.

Well Bollocks to that. I don’t need your stupid virtual trophy. I’ve got better things to do with my time than run up another strip about how "Fscking L33t" that latest version of command and counterstrike Ultima is. Anyway, I won an award once. Kind of,..

Well, actually I was paid to do a logo for a Unix user group called Humbug. They got an award for their logo. I, however, was not even informed of this for a year. So apparently, while I toiled away for $12 an hour on the logo, they were given an award for hiring me.

Sour Sour Grapes.

In other fun news, those two old guys from the muppet show are now doing movie review over at i-movie. It’s actually very well written stuff. I never thought I’d hear a muppet making fun of Scientology.

And to end, a quick quiz.
Where would you rather holiday?

Giza or Vegas?
posted at 2:42 am Wednesday July 13 2005