Cookie Monster

written by Dan
MR Hooper Comic Okay! I understand that obesity is a situation that needs to be addressed, especially in America, but do you think that this will come about by messing with that endearing icon ’The Cookie Monster’?

Cookie Monster now seems to be a recovering cookie junkie. A born again diet conscious ’Sometimes food’ spouting brain wash victim and I for one, am not happy. I want my heroes to have flaws. It seems that political correctness is just an excuse to flood the world with simple mindless zombies. Remember Biff and Sully? Sully didn’t talk. Possibly because Biff never gave him a chance to utter anything, but possibly because Sully was a mute. Just another part of out culture.

Muteness, addiction, schitzophrenic tendancies to see hairy elephants that no-one else could. These are the concepts that we were slowly introduced to back in my day. Now it’s all been removed to turn the US into the lord praising, big-brother touting corptatership of our darkest future.

At least they’ve still got the decency to integrate a mental disorder into the mix. Ah, Elmo, you wonderful retard you.
posted at 4:06 am Wednesday June 29 2005