200 strips??!!

written by Dan
Holy Moly!!

Between Jeremy, Goatlord and myself we’ve written 200 strips as of today. I’m absolutely agog at the amount of writing we’ve done. While it only takes 5 minutes to write most of these up, it can take substantially longer to get that inspiration.

And now some fun with numbers. In the last week we had 571 individual sessions. That was 1153 page views of the comic page but only 131 views of the front page. Genesis 2 however has only had 69 page views in the last week. Perhaps I need to make it a bit more obvious that it’s being routinely updated.

Lilley Street is still getting over 300 page views a week and Sleep Dep is at over 200 page views. The average length of a session is 12m 10s which adds up to 115.7 hours of viewing per week. That’s means that statistically someone is viewing the Invisible Spiders site at every point during the week.

Common Keywords used to find the site are the obvious "spiders" and "invisible spiders". After some of the writing in FYMD I’m unsurprised to find the keywords "Dutch Porn", "Schapelle Corby breasts tits" and "fisting cunts". The ones that throw me are "swamp boat sales", "Thor, the God of Thunder" and the ever creepy "How to Draw Garfield".
posted at 1:39 pm Tuesday June 07 2005