Accept my proposal puny earthling!!

written by Dan
My beautiful girlfriend Aurelie has accepted my proposal of marriage. After 187 strips of F#$@ You, My Darling! I’m hoping I’ll know what to avoid.

In other less exciting news, I finally dug out a sketch I did at Supanova recently. Human Probe It made me laugh.

Also, SBS is reshowing John Saffron vs God which constanty entertains me. I especially liked the rant he made about mormons waking him up early on a Saturday morning and then the accompanied door-to-door ’conversion to atheism’ in Salt-lake City. The high point, Him saying to some old guy "Well with atheism, we believe that the bible was actually, just made up. That it’s all nonsense" at which point he was attacked with a broom.

So much for turning the other cheek, eh?

And since we’re chatting about SBS on Monday nights, why don’t I give a heads up to the fantastic program Myth Busters. It’s on at 7:30pm and it’s stacks of fun. Bascially they get all the urban legends that you’re constantly sent in e-mails and they put them to the test. And they do it until something explodes.
posted at 4:47 am Thursday May 26 2005