written by Dan
There was some Crazy Weather at my place last night. A big hail storm came in and covered everything with a 10cm layer of ice. It looked like some crazy winter wonderland. The oddest thing is that hail in May is quite unseasonal and it hung around for hours and hours. Man, If I had a boogy board,...

Gosh! What else is going on. Well, of course there’s Genesis 2 now into it’s third week (and not a lick of interest it has aroused). Hmm, Also, that stupid Star wars film is out. I liked the review that said "Yes, It’s better than the first two, in the same way that dying from a natural death is better than crucifixion."

Hmmm, and I just finished watching The family Guy season 3. Roll on season four I say.
posted at 4:52 am Saturday May 21 2005