SupaNova 2005

written by Dan
Hey! So Supanova was this weekend. I had a pretty darn good time. It would have been better if I’d broken even but at least I still have stock to sell. I suppose at some point I should make it available to sell on the site. The good news is that the special print item I wrote ’Adolf Hitler - Vampire Hunter’ sold out. All 77 copies. I’ve never sold out of anything before. The dozen Lilley Street shirts in my garage are testiment to that.

At any rate, I had a great time. I got to hook up with Patrick and his cronies, and I also touched base with a whole host of industry chaps I rarely get a chance to see. I’m actually not really up to speed on comic book people. I much more feel myself to be a cartoonist. But at any rate, two big name people cruised by my desk and bought a copy of Hootie. Ah, Hootie, you big cutie, you’ve exceled again.

Lucky for me that I’m not big on the comic bookery as the amount of stuff that I’d probably refer to as ’COOL’ was staggering. As it was I wasn’t able to convince myself out of picking up a copy of ’The Incredibles’. I was also a bit sad to see that there’s no Hitcherhiker’s merchandise out yet. But it’s coming.

Okay, I got to go. I’ve got special features to wade through. Oh, and if you’re keen and live in Brisneyland, pop by Impromafia to find out where I’m performing impro at the moment. Oh, and note the Genesis 2 teaser below. That’s right. I’m starting a new project. Fun eh? It should be ready to roll in around three weeks.
posted at 7:50 am Wednesday April 13 2005