Arrested Development

written by Dan
These are the last of the comics you’re going to see from ’Goatlord’ for a couple of months because he’s been arrested for ’public lewdness’. The police came by and,... Aw! Screw it. I can’t keep this up. I’ve never really been one for the April Foolery.

My rule of thumb is to keep myself away from the public on April 1 until at least Midday. Of course, this being the internet, I spend another day having foolishness and nonsense wash over my inbox.

Did you know that in France they call it ’fish of April’, and they try to pin or attached paper fish to the back of their friends. (Kind of like a ’Kick Me’ sign). Ain’t that curious?

Well, There’s only one week until I’ll be pimping my wares at SupaNova. You can find Goatlord and I at the ’Edge Comic’ (and Invisible Spiders) table. Pop in and say ’Hi’ and buy a copy of ’Hootie and the Alien’ or ’F#$@ You, My Darling’. I’ll also have Sev Trek stuff and a special controversial two page comic available in print form only.
posted at 11:56 pm Saturday April 02 2005