HitchHiker Trailer

written by Dan
Everyone’s excited about The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy trailer and what sort of Douglas Adams fan would I be if I didn’t link to it as well.

I’ve been so concerned that they’re going to mess it up but it looks like it might be okay. Having watched the 1980’s BBC version recently they can’t get much worse.

I’m completely torn though. There’s so much information about the film out there that I want to know about, but at the same time I don’t want the good stuff in the film ruined for me. So far I’ve watched the teaser (numerous times) the Trailer (numerous times) and read heaps of FAQ’s and interviews and stuff. But as of today, no more. That’s it. Cold turkey until the 29th of April.

Perhaps I should wrap a towel around my head.
posted at 9:14 am Friday February 18 2005