Hail Harry

written by Dan
Prince Harry has recently gotten himself into a lot of trouble by dressing up as a nazi for a fancy dress party. Now, at the risk of pointing out the completely fucking obvious. Wasn’t this a fancy dress party? Isn’t the point of a fancy dress party that you dress in something that isn’t what you’d usually wear.

If we’re going to start pointing fingers then why don’t we start throwing out all those people dressing up as pirates at fancy dress parties. Nope, we don’t want your plastic parrot and your goofy wooden leg worn on your knee at our party. Don’t you know that pirates were (and still are) responsible for the death of many innocent seafairers?

And what about Prince Charles? He was apparently so horrified at Harry’s costume choice that he packed him off to Auschwitz. Isn’t this the same Prince Charles who insists on getting about in a kilt whenever he’s in Scotland? Considering his direct ancestors were responsible for unleashing holy death upon the Scotish I’m not sure Charles has a leg to stand on.

The fact of the matter is that every time someone dresses as a pirate or a nazi or Osama Bin Ladin it satirises and cartoonises not only the costume but the views behind them. I, for one, believe that making nazis easy to laugh at removes more of what little power they have left to convince anyone to their views, and that’s got to be a good thing.

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posted at 8:59 am Tuesday February 01 2005