Ordinary Angels

written by Dan
I was very priveleged to get a chance to catch Frente’s return to the Australian pop scene. The very first album I ever bought was ’Marvin’ and while I abhore pirated music, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time tracking down Frente rarities.

I never thought I’d get the chance to see Frente live. They stopped playing and it was eventually assumed that the band had broken up. Well, Simon and Angie managed to get together again and I couldn’t be happier. The show was incredible. The competance that was shown singing and playing the guitar, and then playing the crowd.

Listening to Angie hold those whispy, high notes was like watching a juggler thinking at any moment they’ll drop all the knives. After the show I got the chance to meet her and it was just like how I imagined it. ie. I was too shit-scared to chat casually :P

She was absolutely charming and humble and I urge anyone who has the opportunity to get along and watch. It’s a delightful and warm show.
posted at 3:01 pm Monday January 24 2005