No New Taxes

written by Dan
I keep hearing politicians telling us that they want to lower taxes. That every politician wants to lower taxes. I for one, would love to hear a politician come out and say

"I want to raise taxes"

"I want to take some of your money and spend it on the welfare of our nation. I want to invest it in infrastructure. I want to make the country you live in, better. Now I don’t want to tell you how you should be spending your money but we have people spending thousands of dollars on making sure that their laptop computers are lighter than everyone else’s (or worse, as light as everyone else’s) while we have others who are starving. "

Of course the problem is McCarthy. Apparently being ’Fair’ equates to being a communist, and being a communist equates with being Evil.

And being selfish? Well, that’s equated with being Good. So it seems we’re doing a great job then.
posted at 11:37 am Friday October 17 2008