written by Dan
Hi all.

Thought I’d share an odd experience I had. I was waiting at the cashier’s queue at the Supermarket and this guys walks in the wrong way looking lost and anxious. As is my want I looked quizzically at him as he walked past, so much so that he stopped to explain himself.

"Dropped my keys, they’ve got to be somewhere".

"Good luck" I said and went to pay for my purchases.

I checked out my juice and corn and tomato juice and there, at the bottom of the basket was a set of keys. I was able to get the guys attention and return his keys to him.

The Moral of the story is,.. I’m nosy, but sometimes it’s useful so get off my fucking back!

In other news, I entered a competition on Cracked.com for flow chart diagrams for super-villains. I was very pleased with my entry and was extremely disappointed when it wasn’t chosen for the top twenty displayed on the site.

posted at 9:06 am Sunday March 16 2008