Another Day, a first dollar

written by Dan
Well, I’ve survived my first day of being a web host and web design artist. My server crashed, my phone system crashed and I didn’t actually get a chance to do any actual ’web design’ but at least I’m alive. It also means I’ve got plenty of fun stuff to occupy myself with tomorrow. One day, I hope to actually earn money.

This won’t interupt F#@$ You my Darling. It only takes a few minutes of every day to pop one up there so it should be golden. It does, however put a crimp in my plans to get my other project up. I’ll keep working on it and giving hints about it’s existance to you, my dedicated reader.

Enjoy your New Year. Hope things are going as well for you as they are for me.
posted at 5:19 pm Tuesday January 04 2005