Welcome to the new iteration

written by Dan
Welcome back to Invisible Spiders. With Greg Dean and Case Yorke celebrating their 5th and 3rd years respectively it’s given me pause to note that I’ve been uploading junk onto the net for nine years now.

Now I’d like to introduce the twoest new members,.... the,. er,.. two newest members to the Invisible Spiders fray. Tyler and Monique. ’F#$% You My Darling’ is my first attempt at a talking heads comic and due to the way it’s setup I should be able to provide you with one a day, seven days a week.

On top of that I’ve recruited Cat, Goatlord and the author of the late ’Tughouse’ Jeremy Tolbert to help me out. This site is mostly new. I’ve moved over from asp to php so lord knows what I’ve broken. Drop me an e-mail if you find something wrong.
posted at 11:41 pm Thursday November 18 2004