Bubble Wrap

but it just can't be a dragon.
no? do tell.
there's no smoke.
maybe santa's corpse is blocking the chimney.
now you're just making fun of me.
the building doesn't have a chimney.
but there is smoke coming from the house down the road, could it be...?
eww no, not a dragon.
what is it?
cat on a hot tin roof.
oh, poor maggie.

by Goatlord

Finally, an excuse to visit:

SPATULA CITYexclamation mark

I'd like to get a really large one (spatula, dirty peoples) and attach it to the front of a truck so I could flip off many, many people at the same time.

Or one of those heart/lung machines so I could give myself a BAC of 1.

Haven't decided which yet.