Bubble Wrap

if their intentions are in keeping us out, wouldn't they be on the inside? boards on the outside suggest that something is being kept from getting out.
can't it be both?
possibly but there is no lock on the boards, they're nailed down. it is more likely that something of immense value and/or danger has been forever sealed away.
food, that way.
i wonder what it is. some fey creature no doubt.
oh, could it be...
but no, that would be hoping for too much.
i know i'm going to regret this but what are you talking about?
wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a dragon? magically tethered to this realm in eternal servitude as guard to the golden foob hoard.
yep, regretting it already.
i've never slayed a dragon before.
it never used to be this difficult to eat.
i witnessed an outer guard mete out vengeance with a light saber once, though.

by Goatlord

Did we ever discover the 12 uses for dragon's blood?

Other than the obvious orgy marinade, I mean.


Perhaps it could be used in fondue. I wonder if dragon flesh could be cooked in boiling dragon's blood. If so, did they all die out because they were such a high strung species?

How long is the acceptable waiting period before one can brag about murder?

Bored now.

Aren't humans silly creatures?

Full of obvious and repetitive questions, all squishy and crunchy and somewhat made from cheese.