Bubble Wrap

it's okay, professor. i've got a key.
oh thank god.
*tyres squeal**crunch!*
so,.. by key, you meant,..
firetruck, baby!
i inserted the firetruck and opened the door.
well that's great news fly.
thank goodness we're back inside our secure base.
i feel like this is one of those moments when you're trying to make me realise something.

by Dan

Oh sweet jesus! There's only three days until Xmas.

I've decided that I'm going to write it as Xmas rather than Christmas, too. I was brought up with the notion that 'Xmas' isn't as respectful to the source material.

Now that I'm an atheist and I understand that the pagan winter solstice festival was taken over by the Christians I'm not too concerned it.

In fact, what I really prefer is to call it Decemberwe'en.