Bubble Wrap


by Goatlord

Greetinks fellow time travellers!

Which bottle is it for you?

I have found somefink I would lick to share you...

“…and by merging both the cosine of Deuteronomy and Parson’s third coefficient we can derive that-“
“It’s time for you to shut the fuck up old man.”

Professor Doherty was shocked, not so much by Bob’s rude interjection but by the fact that Bob spoke.

“You have something to add Bob?” said the Professor.

“Fuck yes, you dried up old pederast. I-“

That was as far as Bob got before he was incinerated. Professor Doherty let out a contented sigh. Teaching had become far more satisfying after he had persuaded the Dean that the requisition of new disciplinary machines was incorrect due to a small typographical error.

“Incarceration buttons, hah, where’s the fun in that?”