Bubble Wrap


doctor macintosh?
professor? has he locked us out?
no, he wouldn't do that.
well, i dunno. he was a cult leader. maybe he's not to be trusted.
what? he's not a cult leader. what makes you think that?
well, beth told me her leader was called doctor macintosh and he was arrested. he was wearing the same coloured suit too.
but he can't be a cultist, fly. he's smart and charismatic and,...
oh fuck!

by Dan

Can we put a moratorium on the "-gate" suffix to describe some sort of scandal? Watergate was a really, really long time ago and that "joke" has been done far too many times.

Maybe if you can pull out a really clever pun. The Simpsons suggested "Waiter-gate" which could pass muster, but really, "climate-gate"?

Stop it! STOP IT!!