Bubble Wrap

there was talk earlier of a hardware store?
yes, yes there was.
it's a few blocks up and maybe half a dozen over.
just look for the store with the super sturdy looking front door covered in really big locks-
-and all its surrounding windows smashed in.
i think there may even be an suv sticking out of one of them but that may be the lingerie store, it's been a while since i've been out that way.
regardless, if you get to the bridge, you've gone too far.
you know where a lingerie store is?
yes, i know where a lingerie store is. i wanted to find something that wouldn't always ride up my crack but was lacy enough to still make me feel like a lady.
i had to go to that particular store because they have the special change rooms that enable you to take of your suit and not die!
it is all just an act. you said "die".
this is correct but i believe my exact wording was-
fuck off and die.
yeah yeah, i'm going.
but this is a good thing g,
i'm now almost certain that you're probably not clinically insane.
i'll be back later.
don't forget the "and die" bit.

by Goatlord

So many people forget that bit.

Horribly inconsiderate of them.