Bubble Wrap

however, as usual, i was a bit grumpy the other day and may have been somewhat harsh towards you.
are you saying that you're sorry?
seldom, if ever.
of course.
you still want space to do your multiplication?
i don't want it for-
well, maybe...
probably not though.
when i was at school, there was always a corner of the board set aside as a reward for various things.
i rarely ever got to use that space but i remember that, no matter how much boring stuff was up there, there would always be something bright and beautiful to look at.
i really need something beautiful to look at right now.
i found a book
of erotica
a while back.
not quite what i had in mind.

by Goatlord

I had the inside of my home clad entirely in mirrors so I would always have something beautiful to look at.

It cost a small fortune but it's worth it. Especially when I walk around the house naked.

Not technically naked, I guess. I am wearing the skin of a "misplaced" supermodel.

Fine, the skins of 5 "misplaced" supermodels.

Leave me alone!