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8th August 2022

I recently watched the Marvel series Ms Marvel. Quick review: I liked it. I got to learn a little about a lifestyle I'm not really familiar with. One thing I did find interesting is that Ms Marvel is quite clearly muslim. It had me thinking about whether the other Marvel heroes were religious. I couldn't remember any mentions and didn't want to look them up before taking a guess. I'm ditching the galactic heroes because how would you even guess?

Captain America

Surely this is an easy one. A good boy from the thirties? Almost definitely Christian. Probably a protestant. It was pointed out to me later that there is a moment in Avengers where even when faced with the God of Thunder himself he adamantly exclaims 'There's only one God and he doesn't dress like that'.

Bruce Banner

Man of science. Logical. Thoughtful. But emotional and maybe a little whimsical. Agnostic.

Iron Man

Tony Stark would have been raised an atheist. But once the AA groups got their hands into him I can't be sure he's not been born again.


Believes in the Norse gods for obvious reasons so... Pagan.


Country boy. Family man. Christian.

Black Widow

Trained in Russia. Eventually evaded her programming and defected. Russian Orthodox, but constantly questioning.

Ant Man

Charismatic thief with a heart of gold who grew up in New York? Definitely lapsed catholic.


He knows who his maker is. It's written on the bottom of his foot.

Wanda Maximoff

Poor family in eastern Europe? Orthodox Catholic Church and she really believed. Took on the iconography of witches once she felt she didn't deserve redemption.


Adopted parents are United Church but didn't put any pressure on him to be involved. Agnostic.

Dr Strange

Driven surgeon? High functioning? He's definitely not a christian. Probably an atheist. I mean, he practices sorcery for god's sake.

Captain Marvel

Airforce girl. Slightly right leaning. Grew up in the eighties. Vague sense of exceptionalism (but for once it's justified). I'm picking Church of the Later Day Saints.

Black Panther

Wakanda was hidden from the eyes of the world which means no missionaries coming in the spread the word. They gained incredible technology so at first I pondered maybe we was an atheist but some of his practices seemed a bit spiritual. I felt bad for thinking that maybe he worshipped some animal god. I was worried that was my white bias subconsciously creeping in. So for this one I looked it up. Panther cult. I'd forgotten his lore was set down decades ago by white dudes. Of course he worships a panther god.

Extra Characters


Likes christianity but only as misguided inspiration.

Hank Pim

Left field choice but I'm going with Zoroastrian. He just seems the type.

Nick Fury

Converts to Christianity after "miraculously" surviving an attack while trying to retrieve a briefcase for his boss, gangster Marsellus Wallace.