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4th January 2014

There's an episode of Doctor Who where The Doctor explains why he travels with a companion. He's so old and jaded that he can only see the delights of the universe through naive eyes. I’ve just discovered the world of ‘Reaction videos’ and I’ve started to get a grasp of what he means.

I first came across this phenomenon in relation to the extremely horrible ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ video. I’d seen a bunch of reaction videos and couldn't even conceive of what could inspire such horror and disgust in people. It just seemed unreal that a simple video could spark an almost comic book style reaction.

“It couldn’t possibly,” I told myself “be that bad?”

On a side note, curiosity didn’t necessarily kill the cat but it certainly nauseated it with coprophilia.

I didn’t see any reactions for years and then suddenly it return with gusto. The infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones. You see when it comes to fans of Game of Thrones, there are two types. One of those types knew exactly what was coming, and they appear to have decided on-mass to film the other type. What resulted was a plethora of videos of unprepared viewers flipping the hell out at the big event.

It’s a huge amount of fun to watch and you’ll get a few laughs but then I found something even more joyful.

I can only watch the emotion packed punches of Doctor Who for the first time once. Watch it again and it’s a process of diminishing returns. But now people are taping themselves watching every single episode and that means that I may never run out of enjoying their moments of heartbreak. What’s even better, is that some of them are young, cute and very, very drunk.

Oh, that unfiltered human emotion. I just want to drink your pretty little tears. The sobbing. The delicious sobbing.

But there’s joy too. And the ChiqueGeeks are not the only ones involved. One of the more contrived moments of fan service from the 50th Anniversary special inspired a lot delight and you can enjoy it again and again, although just beware, it can be awkward to see a lot of young adults who watch the TV dressed up and carrying toys.

If you've found a reaction video you really like please do mention it in the comments. It will not be ignored.