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12th January 2015

I decided that I wanted to make myself a chess board. I'd been searching around for a piece of wood that would match my requirements and then realised that my dad's old skimboard matched those requirements perfectly.

Skimboard by day, play draughts by night.
I flipped it over. (Didn't want to destroy the art deco design now did I) then sanded her back and grabbed some deck stain.

Two coats baby. I ain't cheap.

I then grabbed a six by six tile of smaller white tiles and the same of black and peeled them off their backing in order to glue them straight onto the board.

And to finished up I created a simple bevelled edge. This actually took me the most time.

I'm still looking to maybe add some embellishments to the plain wood but for now I'm ready to play. These pieces are plastic and light (I jammed blue tack up inside them so that they feel like they've got at least some weight) so I'm on the look-out for the perfect chess set. I do like this one from Etsy but $110 might be a bit to much for me.

What project have you been up to? Anything to show off?

Purling London

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Michael Smith

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