F#@$ You, My Darling!
created by Dan Beeston.
' Urban Legend 2 '
written by
:Tyler says: you’ve heard that story about the guy who’s drugged and wakes up in a bath full of ice and his kidneys are missing?
:Monigue says: oh, that story gave me nightmares.
,Tyler query.,Monique guilty.
:Tyler says: a very similar thing happened to me when i was working at the donor organ clinic.
:Monigue says: mmm?
:Tyler says: only, i was drinking my 18th scotch on the rocks when i passed out. when i woke up, i was in a bathtub full of kidneys,..
,Tyler talk.,Monique silent.
:Monigue says: *sigh*
:Tyler says: and all my ice had gone.
:Tyler says: have you ever tried drinking warm scotch? it was horrifying.
,Tyler shock.,Monique silent.
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