Bubble Wrap

no, no you don't.
no no no no no.
it's ok penny.
kumar too?
i don't know what he thinks but i'm sure it isn't that.
i know you didn't find out until after the fact, as did billy bob and myself.
small consolation, i know but if we hadn't put them on we'd be long dead by now.
but they weren't ours to wear.
stop it penny.
we cannot give the suits back. they are of no use to the dead.
if i'd known the price of my survival was the continued existence of men like garry and wyatt...
look around you penny, humanity has to take what it can get.
garry and wyatt are just the down payment.

by Goatlord

Tasty Fridayses.

licky rum flavours and cheese and tears and funny little pennies.

cheese be with youse *shudder* all.