Bubble Wrap

promise promises
a practise is definitely in order before tyler confronts me
it awakens
but has it learned
fuck. you.
time will tell
heed this
the last time i saw garry was at the apple orchard
that is where i left him
upon searching
you cannot find him
consider well the object of his moste ardent desire
mayhap she will know

by Goatlord

Possibly, maybe, like I would know.

I seem to be over the labiaplasty issue but now have trouble removing the sound made as a ribcage implodes due to the force exerted by a broad headed spear. The person on the ground never once objected to the predicament, never once screamed or even gave the slightest indication of pain. There was just that noise. The slow cracking and eventual ... smoosh. After which, the enthralled onlookers were enthralled no longer and so meandered about in anticipation of their next entertainment.

I had similar ... feelings (? he takes the time to jest), somethings, whatever after watching then reliving a particular scene, night after night, of Series 7.

Fuck this.

Are the pubs open yet?