Bubble Wrap

everyone you have ever truly loved has died in prison
is that why you wish to keep garry so close
you sir,
are on dangerous ground!
had you not discarded it so
even the memory of your mother would have helped you become a better person
she would have given you different options
at the very least
you might have been able to hold the vocal accent of your choice
why billy bob,
am i detecting overtures of your true homophobic self?
what you wish to put where is of no concern to me
i have only ever required one thing of you and i will obtain that soon enough
before i do
-for a man of few words,
you sure have been flapping your gums an awful lot.
i've got the talking stick now, though.
to feel closer to the man whom you knew would never accept who you truly are
you began to emulate him
so yes
it is fitting you choose this course of action
perhaps you will learn whereas he could not

by Goatlord

Monday ... bleagh