Bubble Wrap

i believed you when you said you had never cried so hard as the day the police took you grandmother away
but it was not her crop of illicit hallucinogens that had been discovered

it was the birthday boys
i wonder if the police had been waiting to make the arrest
surely it was no coincidence they showed up on your eighteenth birthday
they probably thought they were so clever right up until your grandmother claimed responsibilty
it was the last birthday present you got from her
fuck you billy bob!
such a shame she also died in prison
tried to get friendly with the wrong inmate
her death has been your biggest life lesson though
if you tell someone how you really feel
they will stab you to death with a sharpened toothbrush
she was found with a makeshift garrotte of used tampon strings around her neck.
i stand corrected

by Goatlord

Necessity is the mother of all invention but ... really?

Probably so, yes.

At any rate, when the zombies attack, I know where I'll be recruiting drill sergeants for the attritional urban war.

In other news:
My request for a government grant to buy you all widescreen monitors failed. Soz :-(

There's just no appreciation for art in its correct aspect ratio anymore.

Although, I've often wondered if Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" would be as intense if viewed outside of the context of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

See you all Monday.