Bubble Wrap

then "penny"-
don't use finger quotes if you're not going to waggle your fingers.
i did,
you just didn't see me.
i'm trying to help you grow,
as a person.
fine, evil penny-
there we go.
-won't be able to resist and when she rushes in to hit dyna-man upside the head,
then we sift through the pieces and cut off her head.
ta daaa!

by Goatlord

does whatever a D-

WTF man?!
There were kids in there!

A-when ya gots ta go,
ya gots ta go.
a-heh a-heh.

No one likes you Dyna-man, fuck off.

But everyone loves
WTF man?!

Toys and babysitting DVDs coming (as) SOON (as we secure enough capital)!