Bubble Wrap

wait, fly.
we've got to be able to figure this out.
why does it matter?
what does it solve to know how everyone died? it happened and now we have to deal with it.
but if we can figure out what happened perhaps we can revert it.
so what?
everyone's dead now. can you bring them back to life?
no but,..
maybe we don't have to live inside these suits.
i don't care.
c'mon fly.
maybe you can find another girl to love.
the only girl i care about is dead professor.
i'm sorry about beth, fly. i didn't realise,..
i'm not talking about beth!!
just shut up!!
shut the fuck up!!
take your fucking fuck and shut it!!
squeakie squeakie squeakie.
god damn these internal wiper blades!
did you just punch yourself in the face?

by Dan

Holy crap I'm busy at the moment. Okay,.. maybe not that busy. I probably could have found 30 minutes to write a comic here and there,.. but I'm so creatively drained at the moment.

The play opens this time next week and finishes three weeks after that. My play is to spend some time concentrating on the comic for a little while. There are a bunch of new illustrations that will need to be done.

Until then, sit tight. The wheels are stalled but they will return to motion.