Bubble Wrap

are you alright kumar?
another male?
dear god,
run man.
kumar, you're not making sense.
just run!
what's going on?
penny hit me!
what did you do?

by Goatlord

I feel like Marty McFly at the end of Back to the Future: Part II.

Except without the creepy lawyer guy.

I just popped into March for a sneak peak and then I misplaced my bottle so I couldn't go back.

I blame those militant, lefty recycling freaks.

So ... much happened in the past month?

Actually, y'know what (It's ok, I've met your parents, I know you don't know), I did learn something interesting.

FUN FACT #729:
James Cameron doesn't know shit.
If you hold a syringe full of drain cleaner to an orderly's neck, they don't let you out of ... that place.