Bubble Wrap

there will be no eating of people!
there are perfectly good foodstuffs inside this building, we just have to pry off the boards and-
-villainous boards?
yes, that's right, the villainous boards keeping us from our very life's sustenance.
yes, the boards.
fuck me.

by Goatlord


Duh, duh duuuuhn.

And, just like that, the weekend is gone. Where does it go? Inquiring minds would like to know.

It is Monday, yes?

No? Well of course not for you rich people who've had the good fortune to have them surgically removed from your weeks and, perhaps even, replaced with an extra lazy Sunday afternoon. You know what I'm talking aboot, once you're past the nasty hangovery bit they can be quite nice.

A late picnic in the park or an ever so naughty frolic behind the dunes...

What the fuck am I doing here?